Shoe Repairs

Shoe Repairs & Boot Repairs

We do all types of shoe repairs humanly possible on any footwear such as dress shoes, leather boots, running shoes, sneakers, everyday wear etc .

We also perform re-stretching to make your shoes more comfortable in areas where they are too tight.

If you have pain associated with High Arches, or flat feet, or if Orthotic inserts have been recommended to you by a Podiatrist, we can help with those also.

Heel Repair - Shoe Repairs

We repair Worn off Heels of all types of shoes

Examples of shoe fixes we can do include:

  • Reheeling, Heel Repairs, putting new soles on shoes.
  • Zip replacement, buckles, patching, gluing, stitching.
  • Alterations, build-ups.
  • Shoe Inserts & Orthotic inserts.
  • Stretching shoes.
  • Repair dog chewed shoes.
  • Recolour shoes.
  • Sole Repair.
  • New Insoles.

We can make your feet enjoy the new shoe feeling all over again

Sole Repair - Shoe Repairs
We repair Worn off Soles of all types of shoes

New boots can set you back many hundreds of dollars, when just a few repairs are often all that’s needed & much cheaper to perform.

We can also stretch shoes or provide shoe inserts which improve the comfort of your shoe for your foot shape.

Not only do you save on costs, you don’t need to break your shoes in all over again.

Just drop in to our little Meadowbank shop & our expert staff will be happy to quickly assist you.

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We repair all types of Shoes, Boots, Bags, etc. We also Cut Keys, Clone Remotes & do Laser Engraving